Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2 Ways: Rice Cakes

Easy, healthy, and so damn addicting.  Rice cakes are the perfect low calorie snack, but can easily be turned into something more with a few added ingredients.  Depending on how many of these you eat and what you pair them with, they can be a perfectly filling meal or snack.  Below are just a few of the variations you can create with the oh so versatile rice cake.

A more nutrient packed, savory option:

-thin rice cakes (I used unsalted brown rice)
-hummus (I used red pepper hummus for more flavor)
-mashed avocado with salt and pepper
-sliced tomatos
-spinach leaves 

Layer accordingly, and done!  As easy as that.

For a sweeter option:

-rice cakes
-almond or peanut butter
-sliced banana

Thinly spread almond/peanut butter, layer banana coins, drizzle with honey, and enjoy!